Hathsin Photography




I could type a warming story about how I wanted to be a photographer ever since I was just a kid, given a Polaroid by my parents that I couldn't put down. Or I can tell you about how "I'm an artist and just feel the need to express myself and expose the beauty of the world..."

Or I could just be honest.

I will say that there is SOMETHING that draws me to photography. I truly do not know what exactly it is. There is also something creative going on inside me at all times that makes me want to produce images. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason why I want to capture a particular shot. Most of the time the reason is because I just want to give it a go. Every now and again I'll seek to create a specific feel or portray a particular idea. Most of the excitement for me is in the creative process of an image. From the light bulb in my brain to the final print or file.

In truth, I love to explore. I want to explore everything and anything. I want to explore different ideas of beauty. I want explore technically perfect photos. I want to explore feelings felt from viewing an image.

My gear consists of Nikon cameras and lenses, Elinchrom strobes and light modifiers, Paul C. Buff Vagabond Mini battery pack, Manfrotto Tripods, Lightstands and Lighting Gearbags, and Tamrac camera gear bags. I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to process my images with help from the Nik Collection, Imagenomic, and Macphun all on my iMac and MacBook.